Tips and tricks for crystal clear water

  • June 9, 2015

Basically the heart of a swimming pool, the sand filter pump is the one that maintains your pool water crystal clear, inviting you all the time to enter and have a splashing fun time. Nowadays, there are tons of filter pumps brands which could replace the already outworn ones. And you should probably do so if you notice that your filter isn’t working to its highest standards.

However, if you want to give your filter a long-lasting life and thus save you of all the hassle of buying a new one, here is a simple trick that you could follow – basically, all you need to do is backwash it from time to time and cleanse it from all the impurities. Any sand filter pump is low-maintenance, so this is about everything that you should do.sand filter pump

There are two types of backwashing, depending on the type of valve being used – but, before doing that, you need to make sure that the swimming pool water pump is turned off and that the hose is within your hand’s reach. In this way, the first type of backwashing is with a side valve, during which the T handle is unlocked and the air bleeder is on.

When you will turn the pump on, let the water flow until it becomes crystal clear again – this usually happens after 3 minutes or so, or depending on the dimensions of the outdoor swimming pool. After the water is again clear, place the T handle in its original position and turn the pump back on. If the pressure of the water is high, then you need to backwash the filter again. If the pressure is low, then you were successful – as you can see, it is as easy as it comes. After all, there should be a reason why these types of filter are so common and are considered low-maintenance.

The second type of backwashing is with a multiport valve. The same steps should be taken at first when backwashing your sand filter pump using this method – unlock the T handle and let the hose become filled with water. Then, the valve should be turned in a different position, which would ensure backwashing – only afterwards the air bleeder should be turned on and the pump restarted.

The backwashing in itself should also last for 3 minutes or so, depending on the pool’s dimensions. After the filter is shut off and the T handle is turned to the rinse position, the water should rinse the filter in about 30 seconds. After this final step is completed, return everything to their original positions.

In the same way, it is essential for the pressure of the water to be low after the backwashing. Usually, after you have repeated this a couple of times, the pressure will remain high no matter what – but this isn’t because the filter is broken, but because the hose might have become clogged with impurities. Unclogging it should be very easy.

Having a sand filter pump for your swimming pool is indeed low maintenance, isn’t it? If you follow these tricks and tips, then you will definitely have the same filter pump for a long time – nonetheless, the sand in it should be changed every three years (which is still a long time).

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